Internet client setup

Instructions for disabling pop-up windows blocking for system "iRail"

Option 1 - automatic setup

Press the F5 key or the Reload page icon on this page.

In the case of a pop-up blocker, a warning window will appear from the browser like :

- in Microsoft Internet Explorer (at the bottom of the window)

click the Options for this site button and then Always allow.

- in Mozilla Firefox (at the top of the window)

Click the Options button and then Allow pop-ups for

- in Google Chrome (in the upper right corner of the window)

Click on the Pop-up blocked and then Always allow pop-ups from and then the Done button.

After these steps, to check the changes made, press the F5 key again (or the Reload page icon) and look at the result in the box at the top of the page.

If this option did not lead to the desired result, then use option 2.

Option 2 - manual setup

Select your Internet browser:

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox versions less than 60
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft Internet Explorer versions less than 9
Microsoft Edge